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Dejian International held a publicity& implementation meeting on deepening overseas localization construction

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Dejian International held a meeting on deepening the construction of localization on Jan 31th in order to promote the construction of localization and improve the competitiveness of the company in overseas markets. It was attended by members of the company's team and department managers on site and by relevant personnel of heads of overseas organization in the from of video conference.

First of all,the manager of the project management department read out the three major indicators of localization management of each overseas organization in 2023, which were quantified and assessed in terms of localization management, localization employment and localization subcontracting to ensure that the data were scientific, standardized and true. At the meeting, the heads of each overseas organization elaborated on the specific measures taken to complete the three major indicators of localization. Each department made further requirements on the localization management of overseas organization in conjunction with the " The Responsibility Statement on Localization Construction Target Special Assessment".

Finally, Vice General Manager Xu Hongfeng stressed that the company should strengthen theoretical knowledge learning and practice, comprehensively analyze work difficulties and blockages in terms of personnel, mentality and language, steadily promote localization  construction in the process of promoting localization construction to reduce project management cost and increase efficiency. At the same time, he put forward the following three requirements: first, optimize and revise the "The Responsibility Statement on Localization Construction Target Special Assessment" to improve the level of localization management of the company; second, comprehensively promote the quantification of localization construction indicators and strictly implement the relevant management regulations; third, promote the decomposition of localization construction targets, implement them to the grassroots level and achieve the participation by everyone.

The company's determination to deepen the localization construction has been strengthened by such meeting.It will achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and solve the problem of local employment and even third-country people. The company can better integrate into the local society and establish a good corporate image.